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The message of the Bible is unmistakably clear- Salvation is by grace through faith in the atoning work of Jesus. But sometimes in our effort to convey truth succinctly we resort to verbal shortcuts that can be confusing. For example it is not uncommon to hear someone say that all one needs do to be saved is to believe in Jesus. In a particular context this is true, but today most people hearing the statement would not be sufficiently informed about Bible truth to understand it. Not all "belief in Jesus" is saving faith. To accept the fact that a bearded man called Jesus once trod the dusty roads of Galilee and Judea is not saving faith. No to be saved by faith in Him we must embrace the entire body of truth revealed in the Bible concerning who He was and what He did. The biblical revelation discloses at least five key truths that must be known and accepted before one can truly accept Christ as Savior. These keys unlock successive doors on the pathway of faith until one finally comes to the full realization of justification by faith, the product of full trust in Jesus.

Mr. Sutley was the Director of Ministries for many years at Central Pennsylvania Christian Institute, Inc. For more information about CPCI, click here.