A number of creative underwriting packages are available. Many underwriters are finding wonderful response to their support of NewLife FM. Request an "Underwriters Information Kit" from Doug Doran at (770) 229-2020 or

The mission of the Business, Professional and Church Underwriter's program for the ministry of NewLife FM is to further increase the financial base of support for it's outreach ministry and to inform the Christian community about the business or ministry of the Underwriter.

This development is not intended to move toward the sound of a "commercial station." Every creative attempt will be made by NewLife FM to maintain a clear verbal picture that the underwriters are supporting the radio ministry and that, in appreciation, the NewLife FM listeners should support the Underwriters. We will reserve all rights for script writing and spot rotation.

Contact NewLife FM for additional details on availability and cost of Business, Professional and Church Underwriting program. Call (770) 229-2020.