Two times each year NewLife FM conducts a Shar-A-Thon. This is usually a three day event of praise and participation when listeners are encouraged to call the radio station to make a faith-promise. Volunteers answer the phones during Shar-A-Thon as listeners step out in faith to make a financial pledge to the ministry which is payable over the following 6 or 12 months.

While monthly support is encouraged some listeners choose to provide a one time gift, which they immediately send to the station. These gifts, of any amount, are vital to the life and support of NewLife FM.

NewLife FM Shar-A-Thons are conducted each Spring and Fall. Thanks for your prayers and planning now as you consider your financial participation in NewLife FM! We will appreciate your call of support so much! 770-229-2020

You may complete your pledge information for NewLife FM by completing our On-Line Pledge Form.